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what is a sugar apple?

The sugar apple fruit is popular throughout the tropics. It is a heart-shaped fruit with a consistency and sweet flavor akin to crème brulee, sugar apples may be found in local markets, but commercial production is on a very limited scale. They are a popular Caribbean dessert, eaten raw in fruit salads, ice creams, and drinks.


"find your passion...and live it"

Each Sugar Apple design is inspired by Caribbean fruit, plants, flowers, fish, or history...the tropical paradise of the Virgin Islands is reflected onto wearable fabric!


Sugar Apple Design is an eco-conscious company, dedicated to using organic fabric, non-toxic inks, and printing on items made within the United States. All Sugar Apple designs are created (and many hand-printed!), by Shanda Chiumento, an artist living in St. Thomas from the age of five. Shanda started printmaking at 15, she has been selling her Caribbean-motif art ever since. At the age of 17 her artwork was exhibited on Capital Hill for a year, representing the Virgin Islands, with a four-block linoleum print. Since then Shanda has studied art history, design, and printing under masters in major cities around the globe...Shanda has a B.A. from Boston University with a degree in Graphic Design and Art History, where she was taught by Yale professors who were trained by the great Paul Rand.


In 1999, she studied print-making and design at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica located in Venice, ITALY. Where she was taught by well-known international artists. Most of her formal training has been in Venice, Boston, and New York. Upon returning to St. Thomas Shanda was asked by the University to teach traditional oil painting for two years, which she says "was a gift."


my inspiration

"It's only natural for me to create a line that reflects all of my experiences and inspiration along the way...each of my designs are thoughtfully detailed to express my interpretation of my subject whatever it may be...from a fruit hanging from a a coki frog singing it's song in the evening...My concept is fun and simple, it is an expression of my appreciation for the Caribbean enviroment in which I have grown and loved from a very young age, it's my turn to give back...enjoy!"

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